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A Tribute to Brunello's Sommelier

Well, since you liked it, I would say that the formula would go something like this.   Here is what you get on a "math tour" just for you.  

f(x)=(sin(x)^4+1/10, e^(ax)), x in (x, -pi/3,2pi/3)  is how the computer draws your wine glass.   It literally means:

"Let a number to vary between one-third pi below zero and two-thirds pi above.  Two things depend on this number, and they define the outline of the glass, outward and upward, respectively.    The former varies as one-tenth plus the fourth power of the number's sine.  The natural logarithm of the latter is directly proportional to the number, in the ratio of the Golden section.  So it is said to make the outside of the glass.  For the inside, the way is the same, except take away the one-tenth and let the number instead to vary only down to one-eighth pi above zero." 

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