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Plot Synopsis of Oblivion

Understanding Part Four of The Elder Scrolls

Oblivion is a role-playing video game in which players become characters in a medieval-type fantasy with magic and monsters. The plot is basically that a country is in turmoil because of the assassination of its emperor by followers of an elusive cult that seeks to give control to their evil god, who normally exists only in a magical, supernatural space apart from the world. The imposing threat of his manifest existence compels a hero to emerge among the citizens to defeat him.

Eternal life in a magical paradise is the gift that the god will give to the cult in exchange for their performing the necessary rituals to summon him; i.e., they give him the whole world and he gives them eternity, but the deal is sinister because for the cult it secretly entails continual, tortuous rebirth as hunted prey, and for the world his presence will lead to great suffering. Nonetheless, the emperor's assassination serves the aims of the cult because by divine eminence the hegemony itself had prevented any confluence between the world and the supernatural space known as Oblivion—without an emperor the barriers would weaken and give passage to evil beings known as “Daedra.” Hence, the hero of the story, whom the players would become, must undertake a quest to find a living heir who will ascend the throne, thereby restoring the magical protection to the world and thwarting the plans of the cult.

To make a long story short, the players inevitably direct the hero to find the heir, but before the coronation can take place, the cult completes the ritual to summon their Daedra lord, whose immense form, along with a hoard of angry monsters, then manifests in the center of the capitol city. There is a difficult battle, but finally the heir has an epiphany. By casting a powerful spell of sacrificial, holy magic, he becomes a divine avatar, taking the form of a great and mighty dragon, which attacks and defeats the evil lord. After the battle the heir ascends into heaven as he leaves the form of the dragon, which then turns to stone. It remains at the city temple as a monument to his martyrdom.  The End.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a product of Bethesda Softworks.



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