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Book Binding Jig

Press for Geometric Design

Here are some photos showing the jig that I made for binding a small paperback book. The pictures are a bit misleading because I put the finished product in just for the photo shoot. The reason for making the jig is to push down the pages together firmly and evenly, so to produce a good spine, which polyurethane glue binds nicely. I used scrap wood from a decorative sign and a broken chair plus a few pieces of balsa for the guides. The main issue is to have an even pressure that keeps the pages from moving while the glue is drying, and also, the spine has to stick out just a tad over the end of the press, so that the glue doesn't bond the pages to the jig itself. The polyurethane glue needs a wet surface, so I used an eyedropper to moisten slightly the page edges before application. By the way, the adhesion of the cover onto the spine was a second step with white glue, after the spine itself was already dry.

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