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The Regular Customer

“These Aren’t the Droids Donuts You’re Looking For. You may go about your business—and move along.”

An anecdotal, mathematical fact about coffee cups and donuts is that they are homeomorphic, since each is a toroid subjected somewhat to deformities. Actually they even share the same homology, but the important point is that a former student of algebraic topology is likely to have almost nothing else of interest to convey to a clerk at a donut shop, as to say there is little else yet unheard in a tone of detachment and that actually makes sense. However, I did attempt a conversation beginning this way, and what became of it was pure humor from the irony in how a rather simple and obvious relationship between shapes could have such a difficult and obscure name (e.g., homeomorphism).

The sentiment was of course ephemeral like a Jedi Mind Trick because of how its nature, seeming solid at first, inevitably reveals its emptiness. When the attendant asserted that the donuts there were not what I was looking to find, I believed her, but now I’m not so sure.  Maybe real freedom is always being able to leave a situation, whereas the Jedi is bound by a duty--the kind which the infamous Darth Vader had forsaken.  I suppose that true friendship might make such freedom more apparent, but confections can make it more tolerable.

As Luke was escaping from the Death Star, Obi-Wan plainly did not say, “Run, Luke! Run!” And still we saw that Luke seemed to hear, especially since he did run away at a moment's notice.

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Solar Alembic

This device actually doesn't work as intended. The water heats but won't boil out. The crystal ball isn't efficient as a collector, and the test tube seems to reflect as much energy as it absorbs. I have since submerged beads of onyx to gather the light and heat.

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