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Real and Imaginary

Very rough draft making little sense of Plato's forms and complex analysis

What is a nasty sort of troublesome and paranoid, anti-kinetic disposition? Matter is complex. The square root of negative one is imaginary. The form of a real eye ought to have a likeness to your eyes, viewing that the shadows on the wall are also complex. No purpose is in life without a lack, as minus one lacks a root: derive purpose from a view of action alone, as to derive what action is from its shadow dancing on the wall. The symplectic one-form has a shadow of circles as image. “…the maker of anything keeps his eye on the eternally unchanging and uses it as his pattern for the form and function of his product must be good.” (Plato: Timaeus) Is it true to say that anything that is always becoming is not real? I think that nothing always changes, and that the speed of light never changes. Such speed is real and yet it seems to show only illusions so often. Strife is a secret agent weapon.

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