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One-Liner Film Reviews

Star Wars Rogue One and Clerks

The Subcontractor Theory

Star Wars Rogue One supposes the story of an engineer to build for imperials, but a clerk learned of this potential detail from a customer lingering at the counter of one scene in the movie Clerks.



The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

This movie is obvious not a new release, but every now and then I think of it, and to me it seems an economic simplification of what is the problem with relationships.  I mean that this movies does a perfect job of showing that no one can win in love, and that is the way it really is, although the movie is more symbolic in the hyperbole.

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Breakfast Food Algebra

The equation f(2)+g(2) = (f+g)(2) is true if f and g are linear functions.  To illustrate the point we may think of two operations for making breakfast of toast, such as to butter or to slice the bread.  The order of the two doesn't really matter, to slice before buttering, or to butter before slicing--the end result is unchanged.  Incidentally, this isn't the case with an English muffin.  A student once said that the butter belongs on the inside, which is of course true, when the butter goes in before slicing. However when the slicing is the first operation, the "inside" is displaced to become a new outside, and that is where the butter goes.


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