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Shapes from 3-d printers
see reference pictures here
Sep 13, 2015
1:50:00 PM
Kepler's Sugar
Here is an image of an informal tea service where instead of sugar cubes there are sugar dodecahedrons. Actually, they are rhombic dodecahedrons. Should I mention that cubes have six equal sides whereas these figures have twelve equal sides? I decided ...
Nov 7, 2014
11:45:00 AM
Generally On Language
In terms of languages for people to know, English is popular, French is elegant, Hungarian is unique, Mathematics is difficult, and computer code is an outright abomination. Thoughts about Grammar
Sep 7, 2014
9:17:00 PM
Self-Similarity Revision
Here's a revision of the self-similarity chapter in my booklet of geometry.
May 31, 2014
4:17:00 PM
Technical Data About Website
The website is now running on a Raspberry Pi with the Raspian linux distribution, which runs the Apache Tomcat servlet container, which in turn runs Pebble. This blog was running on an old laptop with a Pentium II processor with 160 megabytes of RAM. It ...
Feb 14, 2014
9:21:00 PM