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One-Liner Film Reviews
Star Wars Rogue One and Clerks The Subcontractor Theory Star Wars Rogue One supposes the story of an engineer to build for imperials, but a clerk learned of this potential detail from a customer lingering at the counter of one scene in the movie Clerks. ...
Jan 10, 2017
3:55:00 PM
The Regular Customer
An anecdotal, mathematical fact about coffee cups and donuts is that they are homeomorphic, since each is a toroid subjected somewhat to deformities. Actually they even share the same homology, but the important point is that a former student of algebraic ...
Jul 11, 2015
6:01:00 AM
Word Puzzle 1
Each item on the list below belongs to one of the triangles in the graph. The right item associates well with all three words on the edges of the triangle to which it belongs. movie ...
Dec 3, 2014
6:26:33 PM
People who train Capoeira claim that it is a game, but I cannot completely agree. It is like gymnastics or fighting sports, and both of those have a way to win. For the former, the winning "player" or gymnast achieves the highest average score ...
Oct 6, 2014
2:17:00 PM
Analyzing the Elder Scrolls
This critical view of character development in the game Oblivion focuses on both the process by which characters learn new abilities and the use of skill in language. The educational process has three parts relating to transcendence, the cycle of ...
Feb 26, 2014
8:42:00 PM
Plot Synopsis of Oblivion
Oblivion is a role-playing video game in which players become characters in a medieval-type fantasy with magic and monsters. The plot is basically that a country is in turmoil because of the assassination of its emperor by followers of an elusive cult ...
Feb 23, 2014
1:24:00 PM