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A Walk Around The Lake
My head is still spinning from a chat around the lake with a new friend. Analogy of the car accident as an incident of the Big Bang is floating in thought, but it won't come out just yet....perhaps more to follow soon. In relation, a quote from the ...
May 6, 2018
8:16:00 AM
The Fisher King with Trochoid
Here is a scene from the movie "The Fisher King" with late R.Williams, whose refers to himself as "Perry". This is a nickname for Sir Perceval, who in the legend sees the Holy Grail at the house of the Fisher King, after somehow ...
Jan 18, 2018
7:58:00 PM
Ladyhawke College Chatterly Bishop Faculty Husband Captain Policeman Game Keeper ...
Oct 8, 2017
9:17:00 AM
"Il faut pour cela pincer le tore et accoler les deux surfaces qui sont celles du tore. La face intérieure disparaît, elle est tamponnée, écrasé...
Apr 20, 2016
1:19:00 PM
The Regular Customer
An anecdotal, mathematical fact about coffee cups and donuts is that they are homeomorphic, since each is a toroid subjected somewhat to deformities. Actually they even share the same homology, but the important point is that a former student of algebraic ...
Jul 11, 2015
6:01:00 AM
Immanuel Kant
I read the Critique of Pure Reason in the best way that I could about fifteen years ago, and I don't even remember why I started it. Grammar, spelling, vocabulary, pronoun antecedent relationships and other English, mechanical values were all that ...
Jul 10, 2014
1:45:00 PM
Like a Space Within a Pentachoron
A novice player for dance-fighting became a pianist for a girl, who had the color of coffee with cream, so that she would sing softly as he played the chords to accompany her. In the days when he was a student becoming a master (but not a master of ...
Feb 13, 2014
8:08:00 PM
Skateboarding with the Music of the Spheres
The goal of this essay is to discuss a philosophy of skateboarding and harmony in a way that is hopefully accessible to skaters. Although I'm not an expert skater, for the sake of credibility I begin with describing the extent to which I have been an ...
Feb 13, 2014
2:19:00 PM