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Planetary Concordance
Assuming that the acquired data of planet positions and velocities is accurate, the information below shows the relationships between the motions of the planets such that the angular velocities are in proportions which correspond to musical intervals. ...
Nov 14, 2014
9:48:00 AM
Skateboarding with the Music of the Spheres
The goal of this essay is to discuss a philosophy of skateboarding and harmony in a way that is hopefully accessible to skaters. Although I'm not an expert skater, for the sake of credibility I begin with describing the extent to which I have been an ...
Feb 13, 2014
2:19:00 PM
A Squiggly Ring
Iproduced this picture using Mathematica and POVRay. The tesselation pattern comes from Kepler's Harmony of the World.
Feb 13, 2014
1:14:00 PM