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The Fisher King with Trochoid
Here is a scene from the movie "The Fisher King" with late R.Williams, whose refers to himself as "Perry". This is a nickname for Sir Perceval, who in the legend sees the Holy Grail at the house of the Fisher King, after somehow ...
Jan 18, 2018
7:58:00 PM
The equation f(2)+g(2) = (f+g)(2) is true if f and g are linear functions. To illustrate the point we may think of two operations for making breakfast of toast, such as to butter or to slice the bread. The order of the two doesn't really matter, to slice ...
Jan 8, 2017
5:22:00 PM
Real and Imaginary
What is a nasty sort of troublesome and paranoid, anti-kinetic disposition? Matter is complex. The square root of negative one is imaginary. The form of a real eye ought to have a likeness to your eyes, viewing that the shadows on the wall are also ...
Nov 9, 2016
12:38:00 AM
"Il faut pour cela pincer le tore et accoler les deux surfaces qui sont celles du tore. La face intérieure disparaît, elle est tamponnée, écrasé...
Apr 20, 2016
1:19:00 PM
Shapes from 3-d printers
see reference pictures here
Sep 13, 2015
1:50:00 PM
Mean Phase of Sample Matter
Jan 20, 2015
5:06:04 PM
Coloring Difficult Shapes
Interestingly, I happened to discover on accident that Mathematica 5.2 will properly shade a polygon even if it is not convex, and this fact makes producing pictures like this one below easier, as a series of polygons becoming less and less convex.
Nov 23, 2014
3:25:00 PM
Planetary Concordance
Assuming that the acquired data of planet positions and velocities is accurate, the information below shows the relationships between the motions of the planets such that the angular velocities are in proportions which correspond to musical intervals. ...
Nov 14, 2014
9:48:00 AM
Kepler's Sugar
Here is an image of an informal tea service where instead of sugar cubes there are sugar dodecahedrons. Actually, they are rhombic dodecahedrons. Should I mention that cubes have six equal sides whereas these figures have twelve equal sides? I decided ...
Nov 7, 2014
11:45:00 AM
People who train Capoeira claim that it is a game, but I cannot completely agree. It is like gymnastics or fighting sports, and both of those have a way to win. For the former, the winning "player" or gymnast achieves the highest average score ...
Oct 6, 2014
2:17:00 PM
Generally On Language
In terms of languages for people to know, English is popular, French is elegant, Hungarian is unique, Mathematics is difficult, and computer code is an outright abomination. Thoughts about Grammar
Sep 7, 2014
9:17:00 PM
Self-Similarity Revision
Here's a revision of the self-similarity chapter in my booklet of geometry.
May 31, 2014
4:17:00 PM
Through the Looking Glass
I can look at far-away objects like the moon and the horizon through my crystal ball, but if I'm not looking directly though the center of the ball, then the positions that Isee don't represent the true anglular distances between objects. They are ...
Mar 8, 2014
2:35:00 PM
One-Point Folding
The graph is supposed to illustrate a surface that is formed by taking a piece of paper cut into a circle, which is then bent by putting a pencil tip at the center and pulling up on opposite points along a diameter. The equation for the outer rim is ...
Mar 6, 2014
7:37:00 AM
A Squiggly Ring
Iproduced this picture using Mathematica and POVRay. The tesselation pattern comes from Kepler's Harmony of the World.
Feb 13, 2014
1:14:00 PM