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Edge of the Sun
The moon-shaped blade helps to show the sun's position projected onto the crystal glass ball.
Aug 22, 2015
4:53:00 PM
Solar Alembic
This device actually doesn't work as intended. The water heats but won't boil out. The crystal ball isn't efficient as a collector, and the test tube seems to reflect as much energy as it absorbs. I have since submerged beads of onyx to gather the light ...
Jul 8, 2015
9:47:00 PM
The geometric diagram below is a trace of a ray of light from one point to another and through a crystal ball. Solving the equation for the angles is difficult because the "thin lens" equation is not useful for this situation. I have found ...
Mar 6, 2015
4:35:00 PM
Through the Looking Glass
I can look at far-away objects like the moon and the horizon through my crystal ball, but if I'm not looking directly though the center of the ball, then the positions that Isee don't represent the true anglular distances between objects. They are ...
Mar 8, 2014
2:35:00 PM